Neuralink Brain Chip By Elon Musk Approved For Human Tests By FDA

Neuralink Brain Chip By Elon Musk Approved For Human Tests By FDA

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Neuralink, owned by Elon Musk, can test brain implants on humans in the US. The company announced it received regulatory approval.

Neuralink creates chips for brain-computer interfaces. These chips go into the skull. The company thinks they could help blind people see again. They may also help paralysed people walk.

Mr. Musk said that his company is prepared to experiment on humans to treat paralysis and blindness since 2019. However, the FDA did not approve the company's suggestions for human Clinical trials.

Neuralink tried to test on humans in early 2022. FDA said 'No'. The company needs to fix several things first.

The FDA raised concerns about Neuralink's use of lithium batteries. They also pointed out the possibility of the implanted wires interfering with the brain.

The government agency is worried if the implants of the company can be taken out without harming the brain.

The US government is investigating Neuralink. The animal rights group says the company didn't care for its research monkeys. The government has taken notice and is looking into it.

The brain chip company killed over 1,500 animals, including sheep, pigs, and monkeys since 2018. Reuters reported it earlier.

US Department of Agriculture checking if Neuralink broke Animal Welfare Act.

The company responded to abuse complaints in a blog. They claim to be absolutely committed to working with animals humanely and ethically.

They extensively planned and considered the use of every animal. They aimed to balance scientific discovery with ethical use of animals.

Last year in November, Mr. Musk tweeted that Neuralink's device was ready for humans. He also stated that the timing of human trials depended on the approval from the FDA.

Elon Musk (who owns Tesla and SpaceX) said that they want to be very careful before putting the Neuralink device into a human. They have sent most of the needed paperwork to the FDA. In about six months, they should be able to try it on a human.

The company got approval from the government agency to start human trials on Thursday.

The brain chip company is happy to announce that it got FDA’s approval to start its clinical study on humans.

Neuralink said that the FDA's approval is a crucial first step to help many people. They plan to release more details about the recruitment for Clinical trials soon.

The Independent asked the FDA about Neuralink's supposed approval, but they haven't replied yet.

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