Neuralink Gets FDA Nod For Human Tests

Neuralink Gets FDA Nod For Human Tests

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Neuralink, Elon Musk's company, got the green light from the US to try its brain implant in humans.

Neuralink makes chips for the brain. They go in the skull. These chips connect to computers. Neuralink thinks they can help blind people see. They also think they can help paralyzed people walk.

Mr Musk wants to experiment on humans to cure paralysis and blindness, and he has been saying this since 2019. However, the FDA has said no to the company's proposal for human clinical trials.

Neuralink wanted to begin testing on humans in 2022. They asked the FDA for permission. The FDA said “no”. They had many problems to solve first.

The FDA pointed out problems with Neuralink's device: lithium batteries and wires that might cause trouble in the brain.

The government agency is worried that taking out the company's implants might hurt the brain.

The US government might investigate Neuralink. Animal rights groups say the company mistreated its research monkeys. They did not take good enough care of them.

Brain chip company has killed 1,500 animals. Reuters reported this. Since 2018, sheep, pigs and monkeys are some of the animals killed.

The US Department of Agriculture is checking Neuralink for any violations. Animal Welfare Act is included too.

The company reacted to animal abuse complaints. They said in a blogpost that they are committed to working with animals in a human and ethical way.

It was planned to use each animal. They considered balancing science and ethics. The statement says this.

Last November, Mr. Musk tweeted that Neuralink's device is prepared and ready for human trials. The timing of the trials depends on getting approval from the FDA.

Elon Musk says they need to make sure Neuralink works properly before testing on humans. They've given most of their paperwork to the FDA. It could take around six months to upload Neuralink into a human.

The company got approval to start human trials. This happened on Thursday. It's from a government agency.

"We're happy to announce that our first-in-human clinical study gets FDA approval!" The company for brain chips declared.

The FDA has approved Neuralink's technology. This is a big first step. It can help many people in the future. Neuralink will soon share more information on clinical trials recruitment.

The Independent asked FDA about Neuralink approval, but they haven't answered yet.

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