Egypt's Potatoes Need Climate Change Prep

Egypt's Potatoes Need Climate Change Prep

Egypt had a tough potato season because of bad weather. This meant some areas had less potatoes. But producers still got a good amount of potatoes. One producer, Sayed El Attar, spoke about it.

Sayed's crop wasn't affected by Nadwa, unlike other nearby farmers.

Sayed spoke about climate problems causing a disease in potatoes called "Nadwa". Not all places were affected the same. Places with good treatment and seed choices had good quality and pricing, while some regions weren't affected at all. But where it did happen, the damage was bad, decreasing yield by 25 to 50%.

Sayed says if there were no problem, volumes could have been very high. There was an increase in land this year. The 'Nadwa' problem stayed for a long time until the harvest. The issue disappeared when it got warmer.

Sayed wants to tell Egyptian growers about his experience. He thinks they should think more about climate change. He says that they can stop the nadwa problem. They need to use good seeds that resist disease. He tried this and it worked. The hot nights also helped the tubers grow. They were big.

Sayed's plants are on the left, and the neighboring plants are on the right. Nadwa had an impact on the neighboring plants.

The speaker says that Egyptian growers must watch for climate change. They should treat plants for climate-related diseases. Those who take good care of crops will see benefits right away. This means bigger crop amounts and higher prices.

The weather is bad, but Sayed says volume is good this year. Enough for local market: people, factories, and storage until winter. Can export too with more next year due to more crops and unaffected areas. Happy with prices as demand is high and didn't drop during peak harvest.

He thinks the volumes will go up next year. The government must give licensed seeds and keep prices steady. The producers have to watch out for climate change and diseases.

Need more details? Contact Sayed El Attar from Al Farastaq via phone at +20 102 400 8401 or email at [email protected].

Date posted: May 25, 2023 Author: Youness Bensaid © The blog was published on May 25, 2023 by author Youness Bensaid on

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