Neuralink Approved For Human Brain Implant Study

Neuralink Approved For Human Brain Implant Study

Elon Musk's project, Neuralink, got approval from FDA. This is crucial news for the brain-implant company. They can now move forward with their first in-human clinical study. This approval came after some difficulties initially.

Musk said many times since 2019 that his medical company would test a brain implant in humans. The implant could treat paralysis and blindness.

The company started in 2016. They only sought FDA approval in 2022, but the agency rejected the application. This is what seven current and former employees told Reuters in March.

The FDA informed Neuralink about some problems. They need to fix them before human testing. The FDA's worries are big. One is the battery of the implant. The second problem is the wires inside the brain. These wires might move. The third issue is removing the device. Doing so must not harm the brain.

The FDA has approved Neuralink on Thursday. Lawmakers in the US want regulators to explore if the panel overseeing animal testing played a role in rushed and flawed experiments.

Neuralink was investigated by the federal authorities.

The USDA's inspector general investigated last year. They looked into potential violations of the Animal Welfare Act. This Act governs how researchers treat animals during testing. A federal prosecutor requested the investigation. The company killed over 1,500 animals last year. That includes around 280 sheep, monkeys, and pigs. These animals were used in experiments since 2018. Reuters reported this news before.

The inquiry is looking at Neuralink's oversight by the USDA.

Neuralink tweeted on Thursday. It’s not ready for a clinical trial yet.

The Neuralink team did amazing work. They worked closely with the FDA. This work is a big first step. One day, this technology can help many people. The company tweeted this news on Thursday.

Musk has big plans for Neuralink. He said it's safe enough to give to his kids. People talked about this.

Musk wants people to get surgical implants. This is for both disabled and healthy individuals. The implants can cure many conditions. Some of these are obesity, autism, depression, and schizophrenia. The implants can also help with web browsing and telepathy. People can get the implants at local centers. Musk thinks it will be easy.

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