Neuralink Approved For Human Brain Implant Tests In US

Neuralink Approved For Human Brain Implant Tests In US

Neuralink has been allowed by US regulators to try out brain implants on people. This comes after Elon Musk created the start-up.

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Neuralink got the green light from the FDA for a clinical study. It's a big deal for their tech. The idea is to link brains and computers.

Neuralink announced on Twitter that they got FDA approval to start their first clinical study. The recruitment process for the trial has not started yet.

Good news! We got FDA’s go signal to start our first-ever clinical study!

The Neuralink team and FDA did great work together. This is a big first step for our future. It will let us...

Musk talked about Neuralink implants helping brains connect with computers. He said this during a presentation last December. He also expressed caution about human testing, saying they want to be sure it works first.

Startup Neuralink has implanted coin-sized prototypes in monkeys' skulls, as shown in demonstrations. At a presentation, monkeys were seen playing simple video games or moving a cursor on a screen using the Neuralink implant. Pigs have also been used in testing the technology.

A robot surgery puts a Neuralink disk in the skull. Thin wires go into the brain. Tests prove everything works fine. The disk reads nerves and sends data to phones with Bluetooth. Musk says it's easy to put in, and you won't notice it's there.

Musk wants to use implants to help people with lost vision and mobility. The implants could help people who can't move their muscles well. They could even help them use their phone faster than someone with working hands.

He said it's possible to restore full body function to someone with a severed spinal cord. Musk wants to prevent AI from overpowering humans. Synchron has also implanted a human brain-machine interface.

The team at Neuralink made a list of things they wanted to achieve. They want to help paralyzed people move again and blind people see. They also hope to make telepathy possible and allow people to save and download their memories. Maybe in the future, it will even be possible to download memories into new bodies.

Musk made a new company for advanced AI. He thinks Tesla will have an important self-driving technology discovery soon.

Musk thinks that syncing minds with machines is important. He thinks that without it, AI would advance too quickly for humans to keep up. He believes that without syncing with machines, humans would be like house cats in comparison to AI.

Experts and academics are not fully convinced about merging minds with super-powered computing. They take a cautious approach.

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