Megyn Kelly Criticizes Target On Trans Swimwear

Megyn Kelly Criticizes Target On Trans Swimwear

Megyn Kelly criticized Target for promoting swimsuits that cater to transgender people who may tuck their genitals. She believes that these swimsuits cater to a minority who do not represent the majority of women. Target faced controversy for removing Pride displays in support of LGBTQ+ rights.

The new Target pride collection is making people angry. Kelly is upset about the 'tuck-friendly' swimwear in the women's section. It's for transgender women who have penises, and it helps them flatten them.

On her show, [Target] teamed up with a clothing company to create pride gear. They made bathing suits with extra material around the crotch, which women don't need because they don't have penises.

We don't want extra material or tuck-friendly swimsuits. The CEO of Target is defending them. He says the pride line is good for business. He thinks it's important to have crotch wear and tuck-friendly designs. He thinks it's the right thing to do for society.

The CEO, Brian Cornell, thinks the release is good. People criticized it. There are things for babies and children too. The podcast is called Fortune's Leadership Next.

At Target, the purpose is to help all families. This includes everyone across the country. The CEO believes this is very important. Most people in America shop at Target. Therefore, it's crucial to support these families in the right way.

Megyn Kelly criticized Target's 'tuck-friendly' swimwear for women. She believes women do not have penises and so the suits are unnecessary. Target faced a backlash for selling displays celebrating Pride Month. As a result, they have taken them down.

Kelly criticized the company for teaming up with Abprallen. Abprallen made Satanic clothing before.

Target asked them to create a new clothing line. The line includes rainbow baby onesies. Target also sold Pride merchandise with slogans like "We belong everywhere" and "Cure transphobia."

Target is getting criticized by California Governor Gavin Newsom. The reason is because Target decided to stop selling some of its Pride collection products. The governor believes that this decision is not supportive of the LGBTQ communities.

Newsom expressed anger in a tweet. He said that black, Asian, Jewish people and women would be next.

This clothing manufacturer and Target teamed up for pride month gear. There are bathing suits that have extra fabric around the crotch. It's "tuck-friendly" but not necessary for women. They don't have penises.

Kelly criticized the company for working with Abprallen. Abprallen made Satanic clothing before.

Target CEO Brian Cornell is betraying the LGBTQ+ community to extremists. This is a very brave move. It is not just happening in some southern stores.

Gay people are being attacked all over America. America needs to wake up to this fact.

He said that it's not over. He said if you're black, Asian, Jewish, or a woman, you're next.

In the whole country, California has the most Target stores with 317. That's like 16% of all stores.

Cornell made comments when asked about complaints about the company's launch.

Cornell said it's good for business. He also thinks it's good for society. And it's great for our brand.

The California Governor accuses Target of hurting LGBTQ communities by removing some products from their Pride collection. He says there is an attack on gay people everywhere and warns other minority communities they could be next.

What we did with DE&I is helping out. We added worth.

It's boosting sales and connecting better with our employees and customers. That's what we need now.

He said this because some Target stores in the south moved their LGBTQ items out of sight due to customer backlash.

Pride sells clothes and home goods. The adult romper suit is lime green and says 'gay' on the back. There's also a mug that says 'Gender Fluid.'

People criticized the company because they thought the 'tuck friendly' clothing was for kids too. The company said that they only sell the swimsuits in adult sizes. This is what a company spokesman told the Associated Press.

Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch made a special can to commemorate trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney's one year of living as a woman. This caused a lot of anger in the Target community.

The brand boycott keeps going and the company lost billions of dollars.

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